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The design then starts to consider your specific wants and needs. This is brought out in personal discussions and in a Building Program Questionnaire. We look at your scrapbook and sketches of ideas. As we move further into the physical layout and structure of the building, you'll consider view, living spaces, circulation, and architectural style.

From the beginning, you'll discuss budget - an item that will be closely monitored throughout the project. We will also discuss energy efficiency and "green" building concepts. We'll share information with you so you can make informed decisions on issues of design, structure, materials, budget, sustainability, and scheduling.

Preliminary sketches will begin to translate life into architecture. You'll study the sketches, comment, and SDG will revise them. This process continues back and forth until you've arrived at a design that will serve your life well.

More information on Preliminary Design through Construction Documents


Clean indoor air results form the integration of the home's systems and strategic selection of “healthy” products.

Site the house to take advantage of breezes.

Use easy cleaning and low maintenance finish materials

Design a ventilation system the distributes fresh clean air.

Combustion Equipment outside of living space, with direct intakes and exhausts.

Select from a large array of chemically sophisticated paints, adhesives, wood binders, duct material, floor and cabinet materials.



Synergy People, Teams

Through our nationwide design work, we have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of timber framers, engineers, and craftspeople. This gives us the ability to create a team of professionals for the individual project, based on location, features, craftsmanship, budget, and scheduling.




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