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The integrity of the homes designed by Synergy Design Group emerges from the quality of the relationship between the designer and the client.



Site Buildings and roads on land which is not good for landscaping or outdoor living.

Limit import/export of dirt.

Orient windows to the south and east.

Orient entires to protect them from the elements.

Use trees for summer shading and to control windows views.

Design for storm water runoff.

Design south facing roof area for solar collectors.

Our most important job is to learn how client want to live and work: how they imagine their living spaces supporting and enriching their lives. We'll talk with you about your values and dreams, your habits and preferences. We'll ask you to explore your future - so that your home will adapt gracefully to changes in your lives and the technology that surrounds it.

In order to fully understand the physical characteristics of your property and its environmental qualities, an analysis will be made of the building site. This can be either by a visit with you to your property (ideal), or by a video or photo tour. This information will be invaluable in designing the the layout and structure of the building, which should take optimum advantage of view, terrain and architectural context. Site Building Parameters Questionnaire




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