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The timber framing tradition is long, reaching back to the times when people built their homes directly from the forests. It is also rich: People all over the world have interpreted its basic principles in wonderful variety and extraordinary beauty.

Today, timber frame design draws from these traditions: it keeps the elements that make for a secure, strong, and naturally elegant homes and yet reinterprets the core components. Timber frame building today add highly developed materials, technologies and techniques to the enduring tradition.


For the highest energy efficiency evaluate every system in the house.

Place the house on its lot to make best use of the sun & Light.

Design overhangs to protect from summer sun.

Use a building envelope with high performance insulation a efficient structural components

Size heating system to match the requirements of the energy efficient home. Look for waste heat recovery.

Choose from a rapidly growing selections of energy efficient, healthy materials and products.

While Synergy Design Group's specialty is timber frame and panel construction, our design services are stylistically flexible. Every project has different needs and requirements. Sometimes the the best design is pure timberframe, other times the design solution maybe a conventionally framed building or what is termed a "hybrid"- a partial timber frame, part non timber framed. Additions and renovations, in particular, call for a creative mix of solutions.

Through it all, we strive to create a custom home that brings quality environment for you to live out you hopes and dreams.



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